Flavor that won't go to Waist.

 Waist Watcher was launched 22 years ago as a full flavor line of calorie free soft drinks that were not just a diet version of another regular brand. Waist Watcher was designed and formulated to deliver great taste and value that other diets could not match. No compromises. The concept has not changed.

Beginning in 2000, Waist Watcher was one of the first diet soft drinks reformulated to take advantage of a combination of the new artificial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium (ace-K).

Sucralose and ace-K, both approved by the FDA in 1998 also offer greatly improved shelf life. Unlike aspartame, these artificial sweeteners will not break down and are not heat sensitive. Already the sweetener choice of millions, sucralose is now recognized by Atkins and other low carb diet plans.

Waist Watcher offers you:

• a wide array of flavor choices
• aspartame free, calorie free, caffeine free, sodium free
• 2 liter value, 12 oz. convenience, 1 liter, 8 oz. can

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